Water-Cooled Industrial Chiller

Water-cooled Industrial Chiller RCM-W

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  New-designed RCM series of industrial chillers are capable of controlling precisely the mold temperature in plastic molding process as so to shorten molding cycle and speed product formalization. The principle of heat exchange is adopted for cooling. They can achieve rapid cooling, stable temperature controlling, and will be little effected by the surounding factors. Therefore they are necessary good equipments in modern industry.
1) Cooling temperature range 5-35oC.
2) High-capacity tube-in-shell evaporator with very good heat exchange performance especially for high ambient temperature condition.
3) Tube-in-shell evaporater with excellent heat transfer and rapid cooling.
4) Stainless steel warm-keeping water tank.
5) R22 refrigerant to be used for efficient cooling.
6) R407C environment-friendly refrigerant is optional to use.
7) Overload protection for compressor, pump and blower.
8) Independent temperature controller, anti-freeze protection.
9) Phase sequence protection for control circuit, refrigeration loop controlled by high and low pressure switch.
10) Warm-keeping design for all piping to avoid partial convection.
11) Suitable for machine cooling in industries of plastics, electroplating, foodstuff, electronic products, bleaching and dyeing, ultrasonics.

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  Water-cooled industrial chiller schematic structure:

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